"I joined 2A Legal in hopes I’d never need to use it but have it just in case. Man, I was wrong and needed the help of David and Mark and their team. They were amazing and kept me informed every step of the way. No matter how stressful it was, they gave me hope and I ultimately got everything resolved with no issue. I’ve thanked them personally over and over but to David and Mark, as well as their team, thank you from the bottom of my heart. "
"I am grateful to be a 2A Member. As a retired LEO, I certainly understand the need to restrain myself in specific situations as per the self-defense laws. But, like anything (and unfortunately) there is a first time for everything. Hopefully I will NEVER have to draw my pistol for any reason. But this unpredictable world and country with growing crime is a challenge. In the even t that I must draw…it will be my absolute last result. Thank you for your service."
"Your service is a true blessing. In a world that seems to grow more dangerous with each passing day, my wife and I find comfort in knowing your service is there. We know that saving one of our lives need not mean the end of life as we know it. Thank you very much. "
"I respect and appreciate the idea of legal representation being available when needed. Thank you."
"Your service is great!"
"I told a friend about your service today. I am about to send him your information. I bet he’ll see the wisdom and value of trusting in 2A Legal to back him up in case predators insinuate themselves into his home, family, and life. "
"Thank you for your service."
"This was VERY much appreciated! A ten out of a ten newsletter."
"Thank you so much for your amazing service!! Happy to be a member!! My wife will be next to join."
"Thank you very much!! You are absolutely terrific!!"
"I would like to thank Katherine and the staff at Shoot Straight of Fort Lauderdale for getting me involved with 2A Legal Services. Their knowledge about the gun regulations and laws is endless. I greatly appreciated the quick response with my registration and follow up e-mails. It had a lot of valuable information, that will be put to good use if needed. Also looking forward to reading the monthly newsletters as well. Once again, I appreciate your help and support."
"All the information I have received through emails and newsletters has been very helpful to a first-time gun owner such as myself."
"Thank You so much!! I look forward to having y’all on our side!!"
"I love the Member page!"
"Thank you for making it so easy to get covered by 2A!"

At present time, 2A Legal only covers the state of Florida.

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