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If you must use force to defend yourself or others, there is no better representation than 2A Legal.

2A Plans



$19.95 Membership Startup Fee

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$19.95 Membership Startup Fee

Special 24/7/365 Emergency Hotline to 2A Lawyers

100% of 2A Attorney Fees Covered – No Cap, No Deductible, No Recoupment

Legal Representation for Civil and Criminal Proceedings

Covers the Use of All Legal Weapons and Firearms

Add up to 5 Secondary Members to Your Plan. $25 Annual Discount Per Secondary Member.

Licensed or Permitless Carry, Red Flag and MORE!

Additional Coverage Options

Bail Bond

$2.95 / month

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$35.40 / year


$2.95 / month

– Or –

$35.40 / year

Expert Witness

$2.95 / month

– Or –

$35.40 / year

2A Plans

Why you need
2A Legal Services

As a 2A Legal Member, you will enjoy true peace of mind knowing that you have formidable advocates on your side. Attorneys Mark O’Mara, David Bigney, and their team have over 100 years of experience in criminal law and have handled hundreds of self-defense cases. Rest easy knowing that these seasoned professionals will personally handle every detail of your case. If you must use your firearm in defense of yourself or others, there is no better representation than 2A Legal. 

How Does A 2A Legal Membership Work

Step One

You're forced to legally defend yourself

You may be placed in a situation where you have to legally defend yourself or your family.


Step Two

You call the police & 2A Legal immediately after

First, you call 911 to report the incident. Then, before the police arrive, you call the 2A Legal Emergency Hotline.


Step Three

The police arrive and start their investigation

This is one of the most important phases of the investigation, and having your 2A attorneys advising you in each step is crucial.


Step Four

2A Legal takes over and handles your legal defense

2A Legal will represent you through the investigation, arrest process, and potential criminal or civil trial.



No one plans on being forced to use self-defense, and that is why you will have access to an Emergency Hotline monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Hotline gives you access to a 2A Legal attorney right away.



Armed attackers trap you in your vehicle and threaten your life. You are forced to fight back to protect yourself. When you stop that threat with force, you can be confident that 2A Legal will stand with you and defend you as you face this difficult situation.

Home Invasion

In the middle of the night, you hear glass shatter. Someone is in your home, and you do not know what they want. When you realize the police are not going arrive in time, you take matters into your own hands. 2A Legal will be there if this happens to you.


You started carrying a weapon to protect yourself. One day, a predator chooses you as their victim, and you are faced with a credible and imminent threat. You fear for your life and use your weapon in self defense. Learn how 2A Legal will represent you in this situation.

Road Rage

As you wait at a stoplight, you notice the person behind you exiting their vehicle. They angrily approach your car with a weapon in their hand. When you are forced to protect yourself and your family, rest assured that 2A Legal will be there every step of the way.




Rest easy knowing there is always a qualified legal representative ready to defend you if you ever have to defend yourself, your family, or your property with any level of force.

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