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Terms & Conditions

I. Declarations

  1. In consideration of the payment of $13.95 per month or $167.40 per year, and subject to all the conditions described herein 2A Protection, Inc, agrees to furnish Plan Members with the services provided in the Member Benefit Program.
  2. The annual Plan Member agrees to have their annual payment paid in full on the day their membership begins. The monthly Plan Member agrees to have the monthly payments draft from their credit card each month on the same day of the month they enrolled in the Plan.
  3. All memberships auto-renew every 12 months for continuous protection unless cancelled in writing or email 30 days prior to renewal date.

II. Definitions

  1. Plan Member:
    1. Any person who is enrolled in the 2A Protection, Inc., Member Benefit Program and remains in good standing, AND
    2. has a valid concealed weapon permit, OR
    3. successfully completes a 2A Protection, Inc., Gun Safety Class/Video, or receives a “Certificate of Completion” or similar document as required by the Florida Department of Agriculture, and has submitted a copy of said certificate along with a completed Application for Concealed Weapon or Firearm License to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
    4. In the sole discretion of 2A Protection, Inc., a substitute gun safety class certificate may be submitted for consideration. 2A Protection, Inc., may accept this certificate or may require additional training before membership will be allowed.
  2. Member Benefit Program:
    1. Plan Members may receive updates on Florida and national gun laws, firearm safety tips, newsworthy events relevant to firearm safety, and access to continuing and ongoing training and education classes on gun safety provided by 2A Protection, Inc.
    2. Plan Members are entitled to prepaid legal services associated with the Plan Member’s use of a firearm or weapon.
  3. Prepaid Legal Services: Representation by Plan Attorney in a criminal prosecution or civil lawsuit for the use of a firearm or weapon in a self-defense event. Plan Attorney representation for red flag laws defense. Additionally, petitions to seal or expunge cases covered by 2A Plan.
  4. Use of a Firearm or Weapon: Any incident where a Plan Member discharges or displays a legal firearm or uses a legal weapon in defense of themselves or others in accordance with Florida law regarding justifiable use of deadly force.

III. Exclusions:

  1. Plan Member engages in an intentional criminal act where there is no admissible evidence of justifiable use of deadly force.
  2. Plan Member is impaired by the use of alcohol, controlled substance, or prescribed medication that alters judgment.
  3. Plan Member becomes subject to a condition that would preclude or disqualify him or her from possessing a firearm.
  4. At the time of the use of the firearm the Plan Member is on duty as a law enforcement officer, private investigator, correction officer, security officer, bond agent, or military service member.
  5. Appeal of any matter previously covered by the Prepaid Legal Services.
  6. A criminal prosecution for use of a firearm where the decedent, or injured person, is a family or household member as defined by laws of the jurisdiction.

IV. Obligation of Plan Members

  1. Plan Members must promptly notify 2A Protection, Inc., of any use of force event. For ease of access, a toll-free number will be available to members for this purpose.
  2. Plan Members must attend all required court dates and hearings.
  3. Plan Members must notify 2A Protection, Inc., of any change in address or phone number.

V. General Provisions

  1. In the event of a complaint of a Plan Member about a plan attorney, 2A Protection, Inc., will attempt to resolve the issue, and/ or provide another plan attorney for representation.
  2. Should the Plan Member choose to seek a non-plan attorney, the Plan Member shall do so at their own cost. 2A Protection, Inc., will not pay for a non-plan lawyer or expenses associated with a nonplan lawyer.
  3. The obligations of the Plan Attorney in providing legal services under this agreement shall apply only to the Plan Member. The Plan Attorney shall maintain the confidentiality of the attorneyclient relationship in accordance with the Florida Bar Rules and Code of Professional Responsibility.
  4. All decisions made regarding a Plan Member’s case will be decided by the Plan Attorney and the members, without case specific input from 2A Protection, Inc.
  5. It is understood that no promises or guarantees as to the outcome of any case have been made to the Plan Member by the Plan Attorney or by 2A Protection, Inc.

VI. Termination

  1. Plan Member may cancel their membership with 2A Protection, Inc., by providing 30-day notice, in writing or email, to 2A Protection, Inc.
  2. If the Plan Member choosing to cancel their membership with 2A Protection, Inc., has prepaid for an entire year, 2A Protection, Inc., will refund the prorated balance of their membership fee.
  3. 2A Protection, Inc., may terminate Plan Member benefits if they become aware that the Plan Member is no longer permitted to legally possess a firearm, or if there are any other appropriate reasons to terminate the relationship.

At present time, 2A Legal only covers the state of Florida.

2A Legal