Thank You For Taking Your Firearm Safety Seriously

Bullets breaking a sliding glass door, destroying a television, all in a family home.  This is something out of a nightmare but was the reality for a family in Ocala.  The owner of the home immediately called 911 believing she was under attack.  Deputies arrived to find bullets fired by an AK 47.

Was this a failed robbery?  A driving by shooting?  A drug deal gone bad?  I’m sure those were all the initial thoughts of the Marion County Deputies who arrived on scene.  Turns out that the bullets were from a backyard shooting range more than a mile away.  The bullets were going through the berms, large dirt mounds, designed to stop rounds from going outside the range.

The owner of the home shooting range did not keep up the berms to code.  The bullets went through the dirt mounds, or the targets were missed all together.  Clearly there was no intent to harm anyone or cause any damage and no arrests were made.  The owner of the backyard range was instructed to shut it down until the range berms were fixed.

Clearly this unfortunate situation has nothing to do with self-defense, the primary focus of 2A Legal, but it does show the importance of firearm safety.  We have 1000’s of members and we can tell from the questions we receive how serious you all take gun safety, and we thank you for that.

You have a firearm to protect yourself and your family.  If you must use your firearm in self-defense, we are here to defend you.

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